Don't Blame Butler for it

By Ed Bouchette Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about 19 hours ago

Good September morning,

Some Stuff:

--- The way the Steelers are dealing away picks, it will be a short third day of the draft next spring. They have traded away their fourth (or fifth) for Brandon Boykin and their sixth for Josh Scobee. They did not lose much in free agency so there won’t be much compensatory return, if any.

--- People already are blaming Keith Butler for the poor defensive play in the preseason. Chuck Noll in his prime could not have done a better job with what they have had in the preseason.

--- The real problem for that defense is the preseason is coming quickly to a close and the real games begin when all those big plays will count.

--- Someone asked me for a surprise player from this summer for the Steelers. I was at a loss. Rookie Anthony Chickillo had a good first week and was made out to be the next Joey Porter but he now looks like he is practice squad material. There were no surprises from training camp or the preseason. No pleasant ones for them anyway. The surprises came in the other direction – that Cortez Allen has not asserted himself and that they needed to find two kickers, a backup quarterback and a veteran cornerback during the preseason.

--- I can never remember two kickers injured in the preseason. Never.

--- Jacksonville, where there has not been much good news lately, at least got a little lucky when the Jaguars traded Scobee for a sixth-rounder. They were going to cut him anyway. The Steelers could have waited and picked him off waivers but they must have felt that someone with a higher waiver claim would have grabbed him.

--- It’s not so much the four-game suspension Martavis Bryant received that has the Steelers worried, it’s that he already has failed four drug tests since – we must assume – the combine before he was drafted. The next failure brings a 10-game suspension, which is why, as Gerry Dulac reported, the Steelers drafted Sammie Coates in the third round this year.

--- As part of their moves yesterday, the Steelers placed rookie cornerback Senquez Golson on injured reserve, officially ending his season that unofficially ended with that shoulder surgery. They also placed kicker Garrett Hartley on injured reserve with a hamstring injury. Hartley could be released when that hamstring heals.

--- By placing defensive end Niko Davis and tight ends Cameron Clear and Ray Hamilton on the waived/injured list, they will return to the Steelers IR when they are not claimed by another team and if the Steelers do not reach injury settlements with any of them.

--- What the Washington Redskins have done at quarterback is yet another cautionary tale for the Steelers and their fans: Just because you draft a quarterback high does not guarantee future returns. They paid a heavy price to move up to No. 2 in the 2012 draft to select Robert Griffin III. Yesterday, they announced that Kirk Cousins beat him out to start the season for them. “It’s Kirk’s team,’’ Redskins coach Jay Gruden said.

--- It is assumed that at some point over the next several years, the Steelers will draft Ben Roethlisberger’s replacement. Maybe they will, but no one should assume that there will be a seamless transition there.

--- The three best transitions I have witnessed at quarterback during my time covering the sport came in San Francisco when Steve Young replaced Joe Montana, in Green Bay when Aaron Rodgers replaced Bret Favre and in Indianapolis when Andrew Luck replaced Peyton Manning. Two are in the Hall of Fame, Favre will go in next year, Manning will go in his first year and Rodgers looks headed there as well. In all three cases, the veteran quarterback left or was traded to play elsewhere.

There are many more cases where the transitions were more unseemly, like the one with the Steelers from Terry Bradshaw to Cliff Stoudt/Mark Malone/David Woodley and the lesser transition from Neil O’Donnell to Mike Tomczak/Kordell Stewart/Kent Graham.

--- Chat today at 1:30 p.m. Send any Ask Ed questions to

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Who is DeAngelo Williams' backup for Week 1?

By Ray Fittipaldo 1 day ago

The Steelers need a backup running back for the first two weeks of the season when Le’Veon Bell is suspended. Josh Harris was expected to be that player, but he battled two injuries during training camp and is coming off a poor performance in the fourth preseason game against Buffalo.

Coach Mike Tomlin singled out Harris a few days before the game when he said: “There’s a certain level of urgency coming back for those that are injured, guys like Josh Harris, it’s a big week for him.”

How did Harris respond?

He had 20 yards on 10 carries and allowed two sacks in pass protection. It’s always difficult to judge running backs when reserve offensive linemen are in the game, but not being able to pick up blitzes is the bigger problem for Harris in an offense that passes so often.

And don’t forget, the Steelers did not trust Harris enough last January when they needed a running back for the playoff game against the Ravens. They went out and got Ben Tate off the street and started him four days after signing him.

Don’t be surprised if the Steelers cut Harris and sign a running back after the teams make their final cuts next week. If they started Tate in a playoff game four days after signing him they won’t hesitate to sign one as a backup and prepare him to be the backup for two weeks.

And no, Dri Archer can’t be the backup for a two-week stretch. He’s a liability in pass protection, too. Read into it what you want, but Archer played 65 snaps on offense in the first two preseason games. He’s played 11 combined snaps the past two weeks, including only three against the Bills.

*Where else might the Steelers look for depth when other teams make their final cuts?

The offensive and defensive lines are possibilities.

Of the 75 centers who have snapped the ball in the NFL during the preseason, Chris Hubbard is ranked 69th, according to Pro Football Focus. He is new to the position, having snapped a ball in an NFL game for the first time against the Packers, but the Steelers might want to upgrade if someone better is released by another team.

*The defensive line lacks depth, too. If Stephon Tuitt cannot play against the Patriots, Cam Thomas is likely to start and the top reserve would be rookie sixth-round pick L.T. Walton or Ethan Hemer. Defensive line coaches like to rotate players, especially early in the season when the weather is hot, but if Tuitt cannot play against the Patriots you’d be asking someone with no NFL experience to play at least a few snaps to spell Cam Heyward and Thomas. That’s not an ideal situation.

*The Steelers must trim their roster from 90 to 75 by Tuesday. Let’s take a stab at the 15 players who might be cut: TE Cam Clear, DT Niko Davis, G Miles Dieffenbach, C Reese Dismukes, WR Kenzel Doe, LB L.J. Fort, OLB Shayon Green, RB Braylon Heard, DT Joe Okafor, CB Jordan Sullen, DT Mike Thornton, WR Jarrod West, T Kevin Whimpey and S Alden Darby and TE Ray Hamilton.

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Ben & Co. Do Not Need the Work

By Ed Bouchette Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 3 days ago

Good afternoon from Buffalo’s Ralph Wilson Stadium,

Some pregame Stuff followed by Ask Ed:

--- After two practices since the end of last season, Michael Vick reportedly will play today. So much for all that practice that is needed to get into “football shape.’’

--- If it’s me, I play Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell for one series and then retire them. They do not need to play even that much.

--- They have a Ring of Honor at Ralph Wilson Stadium with many of the names you’d expect, such as Jim Kelly, Jack Kemp and Marv Levy. Also included: O.J. Simpson. The Pro Football Hall of Fame has rules that do not permit Simpson to be removed, but surely the Bills could take down his name from their Ring of “Honor.’’

--- James Harrison does not need to play at all today. Jarvis Jones does.

--- One of the Buffalo Bills is running the steps as we write. I have not seen that since Mike Webster did it at Three Rivers Stadium after practice. I’ll bet this guy does nt run the ENTIRE stadium as Webster did.

--- Cortez Allen needs to pick things up to show he can be the cornerback the Steelers thought he would be when they signed him to the five-year, $26 million contract nearly one year ago. Brandon Boykin cannot be far from replacing him as a starter, but the Steelers still need more help at the position.

--- Rookie outside linebacker Anthony Chickillo, star of the first week of training camp, will have to pick things up just to make the team. So, too, safety Gerod Holliman.

--- The major beneficiary of the four-game suspension of Martavis Bryant is not so much Darrius Heyward-Bey or Sammie Coates but undrafted rookies Shakim Phillips or Tyler Murphy. One could make the team because of it.

--- For the record, I saw no Michael Vick protestors anywhere around Wilson Stadium and others I asked did not either.

--- I have been to Napa once and many times driven to Buffalo and it still amazes me the number of vineyards along Interstate 90 on the way here. They are like cornfields in Nebraska.

--- Wilson Stadium’s field is A-Turf Titan 50 artificial surface, just in case some kicker decides to try to tackle someone.

--- Odd fact that means little except that it is, well, odd. Among the 48 stations listed on the Steelers radio network is one in New York, in Syracuse, which is much closer to Buffalo than it is Pittsburgh. (There also is one in South Carolina, Myrtle Beach.)

--- D’Angelo Williams is a big-league runner who should put the Steelers running game in good hands through Le’Veon Bell’s two-game suspension. However, they have absolutely no one behind him who looks right now as if they could spell him. It could be an interesting pickup for the Steelers on that final cut.

--- Ask Ed:

--- YOU: Since M. Bryant has filed an appeal, if the league does not rule on it before the opening game, does he get to play in regular season games until there is a decision?

ED: Yes, although I would assume it will be worked out before then.

--- YOU: Is there a reason why Martavais Bryant is facing a four-game suspension while LaGarette Blount will only miss one game, for what appear to be similar offenses?

ED: Yes, Blount was suspended for his one-time use (caught one time, anyway) under the previous NFL drug rules. Under the current rules, Blount would not have been suspended at all. Bryant was suspended under the new rules, which means he had to have tested positive four separate times.

--- YOU: So, Bryant had to fail four drug tests. Would he have been told about each failure before he failed the next one? If so, not having the discipline to clean up your act is a real problem, right? What are the chances his Steelers career ends up like Santonio Holmes's?

ED: I would assume that, yes, he was informed. As for how his career might end, we can only wait to see.

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Did Bryant Really Fail 4 Drug Tests?

By Ed Bouchette Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 4 days ago

Good morning,

Now we know why the Steelers drafted receiver Sammie Coates in the third round this year. They had to know that Martavis Bryant was on the verge of a suspension for what was reported by NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport as repeated failed drug tests for marijuana.

What is interesting about this is the new NFL drug policy passed last September liberalized the discipline meted out for marijuana use.

Here is what it is:

--- First positive test puts the player in the substance abuse program with no other discipline.

--- Second positive draws a two-game fine.

--- Third positive draws a four-game fine.

--- Fourth positive draws a four-game suspension.

Therefore, for the NFL to suspend Bryant, he had to test positive for marijuana on four separate occasions. This also would not have been the old “second-hand” marijuana smoke either because the threshold for a positive test of marijuana in the system was more than doubled by the NFL in its new drug policy.

Bryant isn’t the only one who has failed multiple tests. New York Jets defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson also was suspended this year for four games for marijuana use.

We do not know when Bryant failed all these tests. He had to have failed one last summer and gone into the system because otherwise he would not have been tested once preseason games started.

So he may have been playing his rookie season for a lot less money because since the NFL has now suspended him for four games, the other steps would have included fines of six weeks pay. Perhaps that is why the Steelers did not dress him for the first six games of the season.

He will lose another four games this season of pay this season as well as play for the first time, pending his appeal that is reportedly going on.

His next positive test would draw a 10-game suspension.

Now we know why the Steelers drafted receiver Sammie Coates in the third round.


Ben Roethlisberger offered a sensible solution to the debate about what to do with the four-game preseason that no one seems to like:

Don’t play the vets or starters much at all.

“I think it depends on how long you have been playing,’’ Roethlisberger said. “when you have rookies, you probably want to get them as much time as you can. Like I said, maybe the owners – or coaches, I should say – should say you’re going to play one half of one game and one half of another and call it quits.’’

That is pretty much how Mike Tomlin has used Roethlisberger and many of his veteran starters in the preseason. The quarterback and most key vets did not play at all in the bonus first game at Canton. The key players on offense were in for six snaps in the second game. They played only one series into the second quarter in the third game last Sunday.

Roethlisberger predicted they will play the entire first half or even a little into the second in Buffalo. But when I asked him if he and his offense really needed all that work, he said, “I don’t think so.’’

“I think we’ve shown enough and worked hard. The good thing is that our offense has everybody back. So, we can get that work and pick up where we left off in training camp.’’

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Bryant suspension could be trouble for Steelers

Ray Fittipaldo 5 days ago

Second-year receiver Martavis Bryant has been suspended for the first four games of the season for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. Bryant can appeal the suspension, but if he is out for four games it is a big blow to the offense.

After the Steelers struggled to score against Jacksonville and Cleveland in back-to-back games last season, managing only 27 points combined against two of the league’s worst defenses, the coaching staff made a significant change in personnel.

Offensive coordinator Todd Haley inserted rookie receiver Martavis Bryant into the lineup after he sat out the first six games. The Steelers averaged 27 points per game over the final 10 games of the regular season to finish the season among the top offenses in the league.

That one change didn’t transform the offense on its own, but it went a long way toward getting the right balance with personnel.

Markus Wheaton went from starter to part-time player and Bryant assumed the snaps Wheaton had been getting. Wheaton, who averaged 62 snaps per game in the first six games, averaged 40 over the final 10. Bryant averaged 33 snaps and provided the Steelers with the big-play ability No. 2 receivers in the NFL are expected to provide.

Now that balance is compromised in the short-term and perhaps the long-term if Bryant doesn’t adhere to the policy in the future.

Antonio Brown remains the No. 1 receiver, but Wheaton is likely to shift back to the outside. He had been playing in the slot. The Steelers also have veteran Darrius-Heyward Bey and rookie Sammie Coates at their disposal when they play three-receiver sets.

“Someone has to step up, period,” receivers coach Richard Mann said. “You have to be able to play the cards that you’re dealt, and that’s what we have to do.”

Mann said it shouldn’t be a big deal for Wheaton to move back outside.

“I’ve been moving him from outside to inside the whole time,” Mann said.

Earlier in the day, coach Mike Tomlin said rookie Sammie Coates is in better condition than Bryant at this stage of their first season. I asked Mann is Coates could be an option.

“If I’m dealt those cards we’ll figure out the best scenario that we can use to jury-rig it,” Mann said. “We’ll just go with it. We’ve been coaching every one of them. Those guys who haven’t been getting as many reps they have to step up and get more reps.”

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