Wallace: Went for Football, Not ....

By Ed Bouchette
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 9 years ago

Cody Wallace’s first NFL start came with many interesting twists, but none like the tape that has gone viral on the internet showing him shoving his left hand between the legs of Miami defensive tackle Randy Starks during a scrum for a Ben Roethlisberger fumble Sunday.

Starks, who recovered the loose football, said this week that he did not know which Steelers player was doing that to him. Players have told tales of many an abuse that goes on in pileups for loose footballs, including the one the cameras caught Wallace doing to Starks.

“I heard of stuff like that happening,’’ Starks said back in Miami on Tuesday, via USAToday. “It’s the first time it happened to me. If I knew exactly who it was at the time, I probably would have got thrown out.”

Wallace proclaimed an innocent intent Wednesday.

“I was trying to get under the pile and get a hand on the football,’’ he said several times. “Unfortunately, I didn’t get low enough As soon as I realized what was happening, I definitely stopped.

“It’s unfortunate itlooks that way and came out that way.’’

Wallace said he has taken some good-natured ribbing from teammates over the video.

“I thought I was going to be able to get under there and I wasn’t able to and I wasn’t able to get a hand on the football.”

He said he realized what he actually was doing “when he kind of started kicking around, I realized I wasn’t going to make it there.”

Wallace said as to whether he will be fined, “we’ll see what happens with that, I guess.’’ He also was penalized for a late hit personal foul on the infamous fourth-and-10 play near the end of the game.

As for his overall play as the team’s third starting center this season, Wallace said “I think I did alright, overall.’’

He allowed a sack on the game’s second play and said playing in the snow for the first time was tricky.

“I had some mistakes, obviously, getting used to being out there and the speed and getting to play in the snow for the first time. I kinda learned as the game went on you can’t be as aggressive in the snow.’’

Here is a link to the story from Miami and the related video: