Steelers saddened by death of their cafeteria cook

By Gerry Dulac 8 years ago

The Steelers were saddened when they learned Maurice “Mo” Matthews, one of the cafeteria cooks at their South Side facility, died suddenly Saturday night.

Matthews was popular with everyone, especially the players, because of his outgoing and boisterous personality.

“It’s sad…I just saw the man Friday,” Tomlin said. “He’s one of those genuine people that everybody loved. He was a straight shooter. He could kid the guys, attack the guys and they took it good.”

Matthews was so well liked by everyone that when former assistant coach Ray Horton left the Steelers to become defensive coordinator with the Arizona Cardinals, he gave his red 1999 Mercedes Benz SL500 convertible roadster to Matthews as a surprise going-away present.

“It’s an indication of how we felt about that guy,” Tomlin said, recalling Horton’s gesture.